What is sprouting paper?

The germinating paper is a plantable, ecological and biodegradable paper, handmade with recycled paper integrated with a special blend of annual and perennial flower seeds.

La carta che germoglia

How is it sown?

Sowing me is very simple.


In the spring, put me in the bath for one night in a bowl of water.


Break me up the next morning then plant me under a thin layer of earth (1 cm maximum).


Take care of me by watering me with a little fresh water every day.


It will be like this that after a short time I will sprout and bring perfume and color into your life.

Green Line

Biodegradable ecological product, non-GMO, handmade paper with different plant seeds. It does not harm the environment and when the seeds sprout, the paper produces compost. Best results when planted within a year.

astucci green

Lavender plant

Wildflower plant Lilac and Pink

Daisy plant

Mint plant

Poppy plant

astucci green menta
astucci green lavanda
astucci green yellow
astucci green rosa

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