Confetti Orefice:

Happiness is a journey, not a destination

and we want to start this wonderful journey with you.

Shop Experience

Un nuovo modo di scoprire i nostri confetti

Nasce la Shop Experience, una nuova esperienza d’acquisto dove la degustazione e l’immersione in un’atmosfera totalmente dedicata al confetto saranno gli elementi che accompagneranno il pubblico verso la scelta del prodotto.

News 2022

Find our brand new Cioccomandorla sugared almonds covered with sugar crystals.


Pink Cristal


Avion Cristal


Yellow Cristal

Quality raw

Chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio...
the couvertures we make are one more delicious than the other, but it is our high quality almonds that make Orefice sugared almonds a real guarantee of taste.

Guaranteed quality

Our production of sugared almonds is artisanal and only the sugared almonds that pass our quality control will be packaged and sold.
Since 1898 we have had one goal: to make high quality sugared almonds.


What is sprouting paper?

The germinating paper is a plantable, ecological and biodegradable paper, handmade with recycled paper integrated with a special blend of annual and perennial flower seeds.

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